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Swiftcore Analogger Overview
New Release Expected Tonight (16 Jul 2008)!

After far too long, there is a new release expected tonight. The release resolves a few bugs, includes better support for using Analogger as a drop in Rails logger, and adds support for Analogger managed rolling of logs.


The Swiftcore Analogger was designed with you in mind. It implements a fast, flexible asynchronous logging system for Ruby programs as well as client library for sending logging messages to the Analogger process.

Analogger will accept logs from multiple sources and can have multiple logging destinations. Currently, logging to files, to STDOUT, or to STDERR is supported. A future revision may support logging to a database destination, as well.

Analogger depends on EventMachine (http://rubyforge.org/projects/eventmachine) to provide the framework for the network communications, though EM is not used for the client library.